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We are based in Clerkenwell London EC1 producing short cinema video clips for commercial promotional and personal use. Our short video profiles and clips help clients reach new customers with their increasing demand of short video clips.

Video is very much part of our own in-house production used to compliment our photo shoots and productions. With content that can be used for social media advertising and promotion, it makes sense that you the client takes full advantage of what video can do for you.

Video is so easily viewed on phones, tablets computers electronic billboards, video just simply creates a more positive impact than any still image can do, with many leading brands using motion to enhance their brand value. Video is now an integral part of advertisers product strategy.

Our Video Standards

Our styles include cinematic SUPER HD 4K video which enables us to also produce high-quality stills directly from the film for web use, and we work in many different film styles and aspect ratios, cinema 2:35.1 , TV 16:9.

Filming services available


  • Season Fashion Launch
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Photoshoot Backstage
  • Interactive e-commerce
  • Parties & Social events
  • Product Launch
  • Video Marketing
  • Bespoke film
  • Fashion Promotion
  • Ecommerce
  • Interviews
  • Fashion Shows
  • Press and PR
  • Instagram Clips


  • Model Look Profiles
  • Sports & Fitness showreel
  • Dancer Showreel
  • Personal Social Media Profiles
  • Bespoke personal film
  • Dancer showreel
  • Interviews walk and talk
  • Video portrait
  • Showreel creation

And we are adding to the collection. If you don’t see it just ask.


Video is without doubt the most effective means available now to market a brand. It has the ability to deliver your message to millions of people simultaneously and ensure an exact tailored message of your choice is readily available for your clients. If you’re not using video content properly in your online marketing, you are missing a vast amount of leads, contacts and potential revenue.

Video marketing is the future as well as being convenient and very in the long term cost effective which can be used for social media marketing blogging and PR content.

Brands wanting to include video in their marketing can very easily and quickly produce extremely high-quality video, be it a backstage film or a personalised bespoke project.  Have a quick chat with us and lets see what we can put together and produce something that gives you an extra medium for social media marketing and PR and also, at the same time, helps you connect with your loyal brand ambassadors.

We can create some online buzz and increase web traffic by leveraging video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Instagram and other social communities. We can  add video to your blog and transform your website into a content hub that attracts your target audience.

Check out our services at the top of this page for more information or contact us direct on the contact page.