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More than ever, online retail leaders are embracing online video to increase conversion rates and drive results to their e-commerce websites. Retailers are increasingly using video to drive traffic to their websites and by using entertainment to build brand recognition.

The Value of Video for e-Commerce

Brands incorporating online video into their online retail strategy are already achieving great results across every corner of their e-commerce sites.

Some points to check:

  • Increased conversion rates: Consumers who watch product videos are more likely to convert to purchasing the product than viewing a still image and description. Online retailers find a dramatic increase up to 200% on sales as a direct result of using online video.
  • Increased average order value: Online video increases the average number of products customers put in their shopping baskets.
  • Increased chance of being found online & improved SEO: After adding product videos to your website ecom retailers have seen a substantial increase of search results along with reaching their customers directly by placing online video platforms on social media networks like Facebook and twitter where consumers spend the most time online.
  • Reduced product returns: Online video helps consumers understand products much more clearly and so they tend not to return them and so helping reduce product returns by up to 50%