Here are a few questions we often get asked.

Its only one minute of film! Why does it cost so much?

Because its the time involved in producing the video. The easy part is often the filming and the bit you are involved in. The editing time takes the longest because to produce 1 min of film we go through the footage shot multiple times and view all the different takes picking out the best bits chopping it up so the film is snappy and watchable so that the final viewers attention is kept on the video. Precision trimming on the edit is key to keeping the viewer occupied.

To the film editor film its seen a little different. To you 1 min of film is 1 min of film! To the film editor its 24 individual photos per second giving you 1440 images in a 1 min film which have all to be watched and edited to make sure each frame looks great. So a 1 min of film can take hours to get it just right. (see our following question)

What is your filming procedure?
  1. Capture the footage (the part you’re involved in)
  2. Download onto the computer
  3. Begin the edit
  4. Add the soundtrack and voice overs
  5. Add film graphics
  6. Grade the film (adding colours and tones)
  7. Export the film online
  8. Make any edits and changes the customer requires
  9. Add any parts of numbers 3-7 again from above
  10. Client should be happy at this point! If not repeat 3-7
Where can I shoot my video?

Any location you wish. We have our studio for most of the filming however we can shoot on location when required.