Films for Fashion

Be it behind the scenes of a photoshoot,  a fashion show or a personalised bespoke film, let’s see what be can put together and produce something which gives you an extra medium promoting your brand either for social media marketing and advertising, in-store or website.

Videos are so easy now to promote and push your brand to social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and many others. A well-crafted video will give your client a quick assessment of your products.

We are fully equipped with cameras, sound and the professional experience required to make sure you get everything you require. We then produce the final  film with all the finishing touches – soundtrack, grading, captions and graphics.

  • Fashion branding film
  • Backstage photo shoot
  • Social media content
  • E-com film
  • Interview
  • Bespoke film to your requirements

The fashion Film

For fashion, we storyboard the film and add the elements you require to personalise it for your company. It can be shot in a cinematic movie style to give it that cinema movie look with an added story line to make it engaging.

Backstage Photoshoot Film

The backstage photoshoot is filmed as a fly on the wall documentary style over the shoulder of a photo shoot. It’s a great way to promote your brand! As well as taking advantage of a running photoshoot, which makes it so much more cost effective,  it includes interviews with the crew models and photographer.


Please call or email us with your full requirements and we can work out a rate for you.