The Talent Video Profile

The industry has quickly pushed the moving image to the foreground with the increased easy transfer of video to social media sites used to promote and enhance talent profiles.

Instagram, WhatsApp and many other social media platforms, castings simply take place online with clients now preferring video over still images. 15 seconds of a well crafted video will give the client a quick assessment of who you are and a short insight to your personality, character and an honest view of the potential talent they want to work with.

Portfolios show what you’ve done….

..but a great video profile shows what you can do!”

Styles of filming

  • Talent advert: Shot in the same style as a TV advert 15-60 seconds long. Beauty, fashion, product.
  • Sport  Profile: Demonstrating your skills as a sports person. Running, athletics, sportswear.
  • Dancer Profile: Filming a dance routine in the studio or location.

The Talent Test

A Basic in front of camera model profile showing hands feet body moves and friendly face clean and simple.

The Talent Film

We have created a few options to enhance your media profile as well as showing off your skills and talents. By creating a simple but effective advert for you in the same style as a TV advert lasting from 15-30 seconds. Ideal for online social media. Using our unique video storyboard system we can select the exact clips you require tp make you film unique and tailored just for you.

The backstage

A film shot backstage from a photoshoot we can either create or actual shot you have.

Shoot Notes

  • To create a cinematic stylised short film which can be stylised to a theme. Lingerie, commercial, sports, beauty etc
  • Approx 5-6 hours from start to completed edit
  • Optional Hair and Makeup +£120
  • Final film 30 sec to 1 min depending on complexity
  • £95 Refundable Deposit Required. Remainder paid on the day of the shoot. VAT is added at the going rate.
  • Any special requirements will be charged overtime at £95 per hour over the allotted time
  • £95 Booking Deposit Payable to our Paypal account
  • The remaining balance must be paid upon arrival to the shoot.
  • Payment terms can be arranged. Please ask for details
  • Editing includes global exposure color correction and grading. Any additional special effects will incur additional fees at a rate of £95/hour.
  • Any special locations required will be added as an expense.

Video filming stages

  • Agency discounts are available.
  • No time pressure when filming, it’s gotta be fun.
  • All options include up to one hour of preparation and filming.
  • All films are graded to release the films best colours and tones.
  • Films are showcased on and made available via a private password (if required).
  • Final output to 1080 HD as well as mobile friendly formats.
  • A printable HiRes contact sheet of your film can be printed for your portfolio.


IMG_2039To start the process please read our information below. It’s a guide on the filming process and procedure. Our aim is to make this as simple and painless as possible, any questions or enquiries please contact us directly.

Shoot work list

  1. Preproduction: Decide who your target audience is. Model agent, talent booker, showreel.
  2. Preproduction: Collect images and video clips for inspiration and to help us visualise what you need
  3. Preproduction: Do your research the more you understand the process better the film
  4. Preproduction: Shoot day
  5. Preproduction: We create a storyboard with our combined ideas on the day
  6. Production: Hair and makeup
  7. Production: Capture the footage (the part you’re involved in)
  8. Postproduction: Download onto the computer
  9. Postproduction: Begin the edit
  10. Postproduction: Add the soundtrack and voice overs
  11. Postproduction: Add film graphics
  12. Postproduction: Grade the film
  13. Postproduction: Export the film online first draft
  14. Postproduction: Make any edits and changes required
  15. Postproduction: You should be happy at this point!
  16. Postproduction: Video export and conversion to HD 1080 iPhone and iPad formats.



Before we shoot we encourage you to do your research – Know exactly what you want and the target market or agency requirements. Have a good look around Youtube/Vimeo at adverts, commercials and film scenes you you like, it’s what most photographers and filmmakers do before we embark on any project.

Make a little shot list and collection of images or video clips and you can send them to us before your shot from which we can make a master shot list from your selection.

The film can take on the appearance of a commercial, backstage of a fashion shoot or any other style you wish. Just do your research.

The Storyboard.


We can collect clips and images for ideas and we actively encourage you to check out all the online content as you can on YouTube Vimeo and such which will help you to understand the process behind creating your video.

The Filming process

Filming is kept as simple as possible, you are directed just like a photo shoot, shooting on Super HD cameras (4K) and producing super-high-quality video footage.

As the images are Super Hi Definition (SHD) stills from the very same shoot can be extracted as still images and used for portfolios on online profiles.


Remember, we can encourage you but we cannot create for your star quality and personality, that has to come from you. In the end you are presenting yourself and showing the client who and what you are capable of.

If you are unable to perform for your showreel how can you perform in public so practice makes perfect


Please contact us by Whatsapp or Messenger 07748651830 with your email address and we will send you our latest rates guide and to confirm a date and time slot.

The Rates listed are for non-commercial use only and video usage limited to personal PR agencies and social media.